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About me

Photography has been my hobby since my teenage years. Although I have been a keen DSLR photographer, I discovered the amazing possibilities of phone photography!

As phone cameras and photography apps are improving rapidly and being updated regularly, there are so many camera features and editing tools that are untouched and under utilised.
With more and more people taking photos with their phones and posting on social media, I began to see the need of those with little experience in photography, to be guided in how to be more intentional when taking a photograph.


That’s when the FabPhonePhotos idea started to develop. I now run courses and lead photo walks where I teach the basic principles on how to change snapshots into fabulous phone photos

The journey FabPhonePhotos has taken me on, is daily challenging and motivating me to improve my own day-to-day photos! 


Join me as we learn and improve together.


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