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Transform your snapshots into fabulous photos!



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Monica de Villiers

Would you like to improve the photos you are taking with your smartphone? 

Do you take photos with your phone but know there are functionalities that you are underutilising, or just don't understand?

Are your phone photos too dark, too bright, or just uninteresting? 

Would you like to take more Wow! looking photographs?

Then you've come to the right place! 
Be ready to change your snapshots into fabulous photos!

With the FabPhonePhotos courses I teach you not only how to use all the functionality your phone camera has to offer, but also how to compose beautiful images and how to enhance your photos to really make them pop. 

Go to the Courses and Walks page to see more details and dates for upcoming courses. 


Courses and photo walks mainly run in Abu Dhabi. If you live elsewhere in the UAE, or in Melbourne, Cape Town or Johannesburg, please contact me for more information about possible dates.

For more examples of my phone photos, head to the Gallery,

or one of FabPhonePhotos' social media accounts.

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Linda, Singapore

You are such an amazing teacher and photographer! I get so many compliments on my pictures by following the guidelines I learned through you.

Perlyn, Abu Dhabi

I find Monica's course absolutely value for money. It's a lifetime skill that you can apply once you've learned it. Since I've completed this course, many of my friends and family could tell that my photographs were so much better, and were impressed and pleasantly surprised that mobile phones are capable of shooting high quality photos. I also get to appreciate God's creation better through the lens now. Sometimes just able to see things from a different angle gives a totally different feel and tells an interesting story. To say it simply, anyone who loves to snap photos using their mobile phone should attend this course.


Tanita, Abu Dhabi

I really found this course helpful and educational. Monica is attentive towards her students, making sure they understand what is being discussed and how to make use of the program used to edit or enhance your photos. The photo walk is such a lovely idea because now you can take the theory and make it applicable while Monica is by your side to explain and give advice.Thank you for a lovely experience. I can really recommend this course to develop your eye and skill for every day photography.

I highly recommend Monica and this fab course. Some great reminders of things I know about photography and many new things that I did not know about my phone and editing photos. Was fun, informative, practical and worth your while!

Rana, Abu Dhabi

Angel, Singapore

Monica is an amazing teacher, she knows how to breakdown all the things that she has learnt while exploring photography. She explains it clearly so you don’t have to go around to do research. You can feel her passion and enthusiasm for good photos. You will find her encouraging and willing to help you hone your skills. Thank you Monica to help me be a better photographer!

Thea, Abu Dhabi

Highly recommended! I have learnt so much on this course. Looking forward to using my new found knowledge. Thanks, Monica!

Hannelie, Abu Dhabi

THANK YOU for the wonderful opportunity to learn how to take proper photographs and to edit them. You have opened a whole new world to me!

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